9 songs about cats at the Amoeblog


9 songs about cats


There are too many lame listicles of supposedly great cat songs. Here are nine songs about cats to which Alan has given the stamp of approval.

California Fool’s Gold Episode Guide

Pendersleigh & Sons Cartography's map of the Southland

California Fool’s Gold Episode Guide


An episode guide to California’s Fool’s Gold — my internet hommage to Huell Howser

Yet More One Album Wonders

Bird Nest Roys

Yet More One Album Wonders

My fourth installment of One Album Wonders — bands from the Golden Age of the LP who utterly avoided the sophomore slump.

Taste of the Mideast Side — at the Los Angeles County Store

Taste of the Mideast Side — at the Los Angeles County Store


You can still see the Taste of the Mideast Side series of maps at Los Angeles County Store for a time. Here’s a preview to whet your appetite (which you can reward with snacks from the shop’s delicious selection of locally-made goods).

A look at Crime Correspondent

Paul Frees

A look at Crime Correspondent


Someone recently hipped me to a radio noir with which I was heretofore unaware, Crime Correspondent. It starred the great Paul Frees but was cancelled after only four episodes. You can listen to the only known episode in circulation, its debut, here.


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